COVID 19: GCNH Committed to the Fight - Dr Benarkuu

The Coalition of NGOs in Health Ghana has promised its unflinching support to the Government of Ghana towards the fight against novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to KkbPortal, the national President of the Coalition, Dr Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu noted with their numbers and ubiquitous nature they have access to the hinterlands where government and the Ministry of Health can not reach easily both in logistics and personnel to educate and give support to in terms of logistics.

"With over 500 members scattered at every nook and cranny of the country, we are a force to penetrate to every length and breadth of the country to reach out to persons and groups who really need information on the covid 19" Dr Benarkuu hinted.

He again pontificated his members are ever ready to supplement government's effort with logistics and technical advice to ensure government's policies and programmes are rolled out efficiently and effectively.

"With our vehicles, information vans, access to the media, finances and experience in the provision of support during the Ebola and other infection outbreak, we are ever ready to garnish government's efforts to attain fruition. This fight really requires all hands on deck" he assured.

He however called on government to employ effectively the services of mental health workers, clinical psychologists and counseling psychologists to provide counseling for the populace to avert emotional trauma among them.

"The world at large is traumatized and Ghana is of no exception. Though medical officers and government officials are trying their best to calm down the nerves of Ghanaians, we still require professionals to provide education and counseling services in the media for citizens-most especially those under lockdown, isolation and quarantine. This psychosocial support will mitigate suicidal thoughts and heart related diseases" the Executive Director of
MIHOSO Int appealed.

The video below is a documentary of the Coalition on what they have done and intend to do towards the fight against the COVID 19

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