Happy Home Roofing System Donates Hand Sanitizers to The Residents of Sunyani

The Chief Executive Officer of Happy Home Roofing System has urged colleague entrepreneurs to support the government of Ghana in the fight against the novel coronavirus which is tormenting the nation and the world at large.

Speaking to the media after an exercise in distributing about 1000 bottles of hand sanitizers to the people of Sunyani, Mr Emmanuel Ameyaw noted "these are trying times for the country and we (entrepreneurs) all have to come on board and support the government. More importantly, the citizenry are our clients and their wellbeing should be our priority" he noted.

Speaking on the impact of the infection on his business, Me Ameyaw hinted business has been very slow as most persons have recoiled and marketing is at a snail pace. He however expressed optimism.

"Though business has been very slow, I'm optimistic that things will pick up soon. This condition is a temporal situation and we are trusting God that things will get better soon" he said.

The 2016 Venus Allukin Co. Ltd 2016 discovery of the year took a swipe at the impact of the closure of the international airport and harbours and borders on businesses.

"Since most of our raw materials for production are imported, many of the factories will suffer. In the other breath, it reinforces our creativity as a people and a nation to begin to manufacture things that augment our day to day lifestyle rather than depending on foreign products" he appealed.

Happy Home Roofing System is a roofing sheet manufacturing and roofing company in Sunyani which specializes in the manufacturing of self lock and IBR long span roofong sheets.

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