Prophet Miracle Spreads Love with the Aged and Widows This Xmas

Have you ever pondered over how pathetic it may be when Xmas knocks the door of a widow or an aged woman, but her dry pockets won't permit her to afford a live chicken, cloth, rice or oil for a feast?

When its farther from you, you can't feel the pinch but when you are nearer you'll appreciate the pepper mint in this tragic situation.

To avert and avoid such an emotional trauma in many homes, the Head Pastor of Arena of Miracles International in Sunyani on 24th of Dec, this year set the lambs of happiness free in the lives of hundreds of such needy persons in Sunyani and it's environs. Prophet Godfred Miracle Damoah gave out a basin which contained piece of cloth, a 5Kg rice, tin tomatoes,oil  and a live chicken to each person who visited the church premises on that fateful day.

In his speech, the Man of God noted "the Birth of Christ is a manifestation of joy to the world and and freedom for the entangled, however this festive season accords every Tom, Dick and Harry whether worthier or not to express love and stretch forth a helping hand to the needy"

He again adviced the youth to live lives worthy of emulation and pleasing to God almighty during the festive season and beyond.

"Christianity was cradled from the excellent lifestyles of the Apostles after Jesus' Ascension, therefore during seasons to remember the birth of Christ, one must not mar Jesus' Holiness with any ungodly practices, For our bodies are the temple of God" he admonished.

Many of the recipients of the giveaways blessed the Prophet and expressed profound gratitude to the God almighty for blessing them with such a kind hearted man of God.

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