Cafi Doma Jets of to the States ahead of album launch?

The Bono, Bono East and Ahafo Rap Monster is romoured to have jetted out of the country to shoot videos for tracks on his upcoming album Ebefa this year.

Creatively and energetically appealing as he is both in composition and performance, Cafi Doma over the years has exhibited probably unmatched passion for his newly found obsession (music) with countless lyrical compositions and electrifying performances from one show to the other.

Earlier this year, born Moses Osei Sarfo hinted to KKbPortal that he is set to release a six track album  and Loans and behold the die is cast and no amount of treachery can prevent the passing of the rebecon as the sic track is as ready a barrel of acid to melt captives at Surbibor by Adolf Hitler.

Pictures sighted by KKbPortal suggest the go-getter has flown (seen with white ladies) to shoot some of his tracts such as Akonoba, 3b3fa, One roll, Money, Last night and Phone, but numerous calls for clarification from the management of the SSS hit maker has proven futile.

We wish him the best in his sojourn to thrive on both the quagmire and oozing arena of music after getting 4 nominations in the BAMA 2019 Awards.

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