Africa is the home of Garden of Eden - Guy Cetikouabo

Mr Emile Guy Loufoua Cetikouab

The president of The Association Louzolo Amour OPH, Mr Emile Guy Loufoua Cetikouabo has urged Africans to leave in peace and harmony among themselves.

Speaking at the association’s annual congress at Alajo in Accra, Mr Cetikuoabo, noted Africa is the home of civilization and the roots of Jesus Christ as well as The Garden of Eden hence the continent and its inhabitants are blessed.

“The scriptures at Genesis 2: 10-14 and  Isaiah 19: 19 trace the roots of Jesus and Eden to Central Africa. We can only develop as we anticipate when we unite with a single purpose of changing the world. Individualism and hatred will put us asunder irrespective of our experienced human and rich Natural Resources”  Mr Cetikuoabo noted.

Since the Association is a non political movement with the aim of impacting life, the leader however called on its members to develop the habit of charity to put smiles on the faces of the needy and troubled.

“Our basic role in life is to serve our Maker who is love and compassionate. I will therefore urge you all to develop a caring heart to put smiles on the faces of people who lack. When we help the troubled this will either eradicate or minimize the incidence of hatred and chaos in our society” he admonished.

The non political association has its headquarters in Congo Brazzaville with over one hundred and sixty  branches across the globe.

The association has a medical centre in Gabon and Congo Brazzaville.  They are currently constructing similar facilities in Angola and Ivory Coast.

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