The CEO of Peace and Love Fast Food is calling on colleague food vendors to treat customers with care and respect.

Revealing his secret which has kept him in business closely to a decade, Mr Yaw Nketiah hinted he places priority on his customers by relating with them in a lively and respectable way to keep them closer to his brand.

"I believe the people who make the business run are my customers and in that delight I accord them the necessary cordial respect to sustain their loyalty to my dish. People don't buy just because the meal is delicious but at times how you relate well with them in times of long queues matters"  he noted.

He further noted the check check food joints are currently dominated by men because of their easy way of relating with people and they need to hold onto that.

The diehard fun of Aduana Stars FC again revealed irrespective of the high cost of food stuffs, a good chef should ensure consistency in the sweet taste of his meal to win him a brand of excellence.

"Consistency is the mother of loyalty, one needs to insist on the recipe which woos his or her customers. I always ensure the prices on the market doesn't affect the flavour and nutritive value of my meals and it has really worked for me" he revealed.

The car sprayer-turn-chef  however entreated colleague food sellers to ensure sanitary condition around their place of operation to ensure healthy lifestyle for both themselves and customers.

"Medical checkups for chefs and their workers should be upheld, clean surroundings should be maintained to avoid flies contamination, checking of expiry dates and spoiled products as well as background checks of vegetables for meals go a long way to save lives in our industry. I plead we all place value on these" he admonished.

Peace and Love fast food is a food joint in the central business district of the Sunyani Municipality right under the Sunyani East NPP office off the Abesim road.

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