The Executive Director of Friends of Health Association, Rev Jefferson Kwasi Agbotro is calling on the general public to test for their HIV/AIDS status.

This year's theme is "Test, treat to suppress and stop new HIV infections".

Speaking at at this year's World AIDS celebration at Odumasi, the health advocate noted the increasing prevalent among the youth is a fair warning to us all to live good lifestyle.

"FOHA would want to appeal to all and sundry to join hands in fighting the HIV /AIDS since is a call to duty by all, we cannot watch unconcern and allow HIV to wipe away the most vibrant workforce of our country, the time and the hour is now to come to move from the table of discussion to real action, together, we can and make our nation a great place of living. We also want to thank our partners and sponsors; UNAIDS for being on the fore front of the HIV/AIDS fight and for supporting FOHA"

Rev Agdbotro however enumerated some of the hurdles that prevent the fight this epedmic

Volunteers of FOHA doing free HIV/AIDS screening at the durbar

 "Unfortunately, Nana Chairman, many barriers to HIV testing still remain and prominent among them is stigma and discrimination, it deters people from testing. Secondly, Access to confidential   HIV testing is still an issue of concern. Many only get tested after becoming ill and symptomatic"

He therefore made recommendations.

"Strategic partnerships to fight HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS, awareness concerts/ TV and radio dramas, Icreasing the percentage  of GDP on healthe, HIV in focus, empowering CSOs, livelihood support for the infected with HIV/AIDS, institutionalize HIV programmes IN corporate organizations and political will can help eradicate the disease"  he suggested.

FOHA is a progressive, non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), or 100% not-for-profit charity. FOHA works to support, protect and empower vulnerable Ghanaian children, women and genral population and engage volunteers from the international community to break down cultural barriers and inherited prejudice, improve awareness of developmental issues & approaches, and offer guidance that fosters responsible global citizenship.

FOHA is ten years now.

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