Ace movie producer, Mr Jackson Kwaku Bentum has debunked assertions that the Ghana movie industry is on the verge of collapsing.

Sharing his opinion on the state of the movie industry on Entertainment Agenda on Akonoba FM based in Sunyani host by DJ King Mix, Mr Bentum indicated the old way of distributing movie via cassettes and CDs has metamorphosed.

"Unlike recent past where movies were only captured on CDs, things have now been digitized. Across the globe, what is helping movie producers is the premiering. From there, one needs to digitize his/her works via YouTube and other channels to provide easy access. Probably this is what we need to conscientize our patrons to adopt. I know by bit we will get there"  Mr Bentum posited.

The sky that brought forth the galaxy of Reagan Jackson Bentum and Yaa Konadu Jackson (Both in acting and music) revealed each setting or society comes along with its prevailing situation hence those who complain about the monotony of witchcraft story line in the movie industry should spare them

Reagan Jackson Bentum and Yaa Konadu Jackson with their awards

"In other parts of the world there are varying situations like war, science revolutions and others, but in our part of the world all activities are hedged on witchcraft and that's what people associate well with. If not, why will there be proliferation of prayer camps and spiritualists. This is the influencing factor for our movies, however there are other story lines on social, political, economic and environmental tangent produced in the country" he indicated.

The actor-turn-producer couldn't fathom with the claims by Mr Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko, who is  a confidante of President Nana Addo Dankwa-Akufo Addo and a ranking member of ruling New Patriotic Party, that the Ghana Movie Industry has no focus.

"Currently Nigeria has taken over as the leading movie producing country, an accolade which was long entitled to India. This is because the Nigerian government acknowledged the tourist value and employment/economic gains of the industry and invested in the industry. Here in Ghana, successive governments don't have the urge to replicate such stance forgetting that, the industry employs wide range of persons both young and old - myself and my children are living testimony. We are giving straws to make bricks" He bemoaned.

As if he was on a damage control voyage, the talent nurturer again found nothing wrong with use of make-ups to convert young people into adults and visual effects in movies.

"No one can fly nor submerge, yet in foreign movies these things happen in them. Why don't we complain or it is because its a thing of the whites? Most of the casts in the foreign movies who appear old are converted via technology and make-ups. I think we need to sharpen our editing and make-up skills to meet the standards and specs of our patrons" Mr Bentum hinted.

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