Has your silence ever contributed to the deterioration  of your community or has your care-less attitude towards decentralized governance anchored the financial maleficence of people in authority?

Then wake up from your selfish comfort zone and join people who are ready to speak to power and demand accountability from fellas to whom our resources are vested to make our communities a better place.

This is a wake up call by the Vice President of Brong Ahafo chapter of the Ghana Bar Association who is also the Executive Secretary  to the President of Community Court of Justice-ECOWAS  Lawyer Apraku Nketiah on his Facebook page wall making reference to Berekum Youth for Accounability and Development..

"Berekum Youth for Accountability and Development association is six months..
Looking back at where we started and how far we've come, we give thanks to God.
Within 6 months, we've achieved a lot.
Maybe not physical to point at but great impressions have been created.
Accountability is a household name now in Berekum.

Politicians especially the bad ones aren't comfortable with our existence...
Institutional leaders of the municipality have no option but to open their doors to us and answer our questions.
Nananom have blessed us with their full support.
Municipal assembly returns our calls now.
We are on course. We will keep working with all institutions in the municipality.
We will keep asking the difficult questions for the good people of Berekum.
We will keep holding all public officials in the municipality accountable through dialogue and meaningful engagements.
We do this with one goal and one goal only...
Making sure every cedi meant for the development of Berekum works for Berekum and not any individual or group of persons.
We are the first youth group in Berekum to drag a sitting MCE and a past one to EOCO to be investigated..
We are the first Youth group to engage the ministry of local government and rural development on issues of our municipality..
We are the first youth group to block a section of the main lorry station, engaged the Officials till the road was fixed.
We are the first youth group in BKM to take issue about Berekum to national TV in our recent press conference.
On our 6 months observation, this is my message to politicians of the municipality...
Our common funds and internally generated funds are to be used for the benefit of all citizens of Berekum. It's NOT for party executives to enjoy...
We are watching..
Non political
Non partisan
Non religious
Seeking pure development through accountability...
Join us.."

 Look sharp; Be a Citizen not  a Spectator.

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