Music in recent times is no more a thing for the Kubolors but a field for the passionate intellectuals. Among such gems in this arena is  WanReal CeeFresh  who has established his heroic strides with his compositions like Party SongHw3 mu yi wode3 and Don't Go.  

Of course he is a sniper to run for cover from, whenever he pulls his trigger.

The University of Education level 300 student hints giving voices to people and loving every bit of it is the inspiration behind most of his masterpieces.

"There are couple of people who want to tell their stories or express an idea but don't have the medium, but with my composition I tell such stories for them. I am fulfilled when my songs inspire and liberate people from their state of sorrow and put them in a jubilant mood and i hope that is the ecstasy of any artiste" Born Gideon Kyere noted. 

The BSc Integrated Science Education student noted with proper planning and time management, he's able to intertwine his music career with studies without any unnecessary distractions.

"Life is all about planning and prioritization. I've apportioned time for my studies of which currently I'm spending much on. Since the music is my innate aptitude I use my leisure time for my compositions to ensure quality craft" the Kumasi High School graduate revealed.

 He however admonished colleague colleague rising stars in the showbiz industry to enhance themselves with a sustainable profession and produce quality life changing songs.

"As cooks of the soul food, we need to insist on making ourselves better in other to tell the stories of life in the most intriguing way to sustain our patronage. Music requires a lot of continuous learning and practice to enable you understand the dynamics of the society. It shouldn't always be about shows and extravagant lifestyles, we need t make positive impact in the society" he inspired.

As a graphic designer, he entreated colleague artistes and celebrities to consider their pictures and videos as a critical component of branding.

"At times some of our guys fail to contract professional designers to work on their artworks and its very detrimental to their exposure and outward presence. Visual Art is very persuasive hence one needs to make his pictures and videos as catchy as a corolla of a flower orchid  to attract fans" he noted.

Check on him on Facebook on WanReal CeeFresh (Beat Snipper).  

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