Security and political analyst Mr David Agbee says until politicians cease  to interfere in the activities of the police ,the police administration will continue to loose their sense of professionalism.

The director of the transformation programmes office of the police service, Assistant commissioner of police(A.C.P) Dr Benjamin Agordzor a few days ago revealed the police can't be professional in fighting vigilantism in the country  because key positions on the police council are political appointments.

Reacting to this on the BBS ,the security analyst remarked the police are professional but are not giving the free hand to operate hence the inability to deal with vigilantism in the country

"The police has the requisite skill at hand to operate and curb this vigilante menace. Their only hurdle is the politics factor. That controlled through the politically appointed cartel in the service and this is a threat not only to the police but interior security in general" he observed.

For the political elite to regain some level of integrity,  The Executive Director of Ghana Institute of Governance and Security  is urging various governments to afford the police the liberty to act in ensuring peace and security in the country as espoused by various political parties in the country.

"Politicians have to redeem themselves by allowing the law to take its course. This isn't about the current government, Opposition MPs and party executives run to and fro police stations to attone for culprits of atrocities and other crolimes, including traditional leaders. This must stop" Mr Agbee admonished.

Ghana’s political space has, in recent times, seen an influx of politically motivated vigilante groups.
The formation of these groups has been characterised by pockets of violence in their activities.

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