The Brong Ahafo Regional Manager of the National Disaster Management Organization is calling on the general public to prioritize safety measures at their residence and workplace.

As part of activities ahead of the commemoration of the International Day of Natural Disaster Reduction Day on Saturday October 13, Mr Rashid Konlaambig noted many of the natural disasters in the country could have been prevented but out of negligence they occur.

"Many at times, people fail to comply with basic safety principles in our communities.  Those who build in waterways, those who farm very close to the banks of water bodies likewise those of us who indiscriminately throw rubbish into our gutters incur the wrath of  floods. Those who fell all trees around their buildings, those who engage the services of quack artisans and those who prefer using inferior building materials are prone to suffer from rainstorms and heavy winds. In this delight such activities just augment the natural events to haunt us while we can adopt proper ways of doing things" the B/A regional NPP organizer noted.

Mr Konlambiig again revealed as part of his efforts to ensure safety at office complexes and business centers in the region, his outfit has embarked on a regional inspections and visit to ensure the presence of safety gadgets and equipment at their premises.

"Since our main focus under the Act 927 is to help prevent disasters, we are embarking on massive sensitization exercise to create the awareness for owners of office complexes to instal mordern technological equipment to enhance them to identify early signs of disasters. Equipment like fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing balls etc will help occupants of such buildings and fuel stations pick signals of looming fire outbreaks and manage them before the appropriate authorities come to their rescue"Mr Konlaambig hinted.

To avert the incidence of distributing expired relief items to disaster victims as it happened in Upper West region, the dynamic manager says" what happened in the Upper West is a wake up call for us all to check our stock frequently to save innocent souls from such a tragic incidence. I have written to the Food and Drugs Authority to assist us to periodically check the items in the stores to save us from any unfortunate situation of that sort. 

Mr Konlaambig however promised the readiness of the NADMO to respond swiftly to any misfortune with a solid collaboration with other agencies such as the Ghana National Fire Service, the Ghana Police Service, the National Ambulance service and the media in an interview with KkbPortal.

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