The president of the Ghana Bar Association, Brong Ahafo branch, Lawyer Alfred Tuah-Yeboah  is traumatized by the ramshackle nature of buses used by some private schools to convey pupils to and from school.

In a Facebook post,  the legal panjandrum queries the intellect and mandate of the Ghana Education service and the Motor Traffic and transport Department of the Ghana Police Service as they sit ajar to overlook this ubiquitous perilous situation which hangs around our necks like the rainbow.

The full-throated attorney describes these decrepit buses as a coffin on wheels. The puzzle then is;"Where are the huge monies that we pay as bus fees and maintenance fees go?".  Yet these proprietors pay their staff little and buy themselves luxurious cars at the expense of the lives of their clients(pupil). 

Interior of an accident school bus of Learners Bridge Academy at Dompim in the Tarkwa Nsuaem Municipality of the Western Region

Below are his exact words on his Facebook wall, we hope he will head to the chancery with his pink sheets (pictorial and audiovisual evidence) to put it to these gullible proprietors that, they are guilty of their actions and inaction.

If I may ask do we have laws regulating the nature of vehicles which take our children to school as school buses? The answer is obviously yes! And so how come rickety vehicles parade our roads as school buses to take our children to school? Do these vehicles have road worthiness certificates? Do they even qualify as vehicles to ply our roads? Any time I walk on our roads in Sunyani on my morning walks, I feel so alarmed the kinds of vehicles that pick our children as school buses. Some of them are nothing but coffin on wheels!! What! Is this the country our forefathers envisaged in their struggle to get us out of the control of our colonial masters? Definitely this couldn't be the country they died for! I am inclined to think that the authorities are not bothered by this because their children do not use these rickety buses! Is the GES as the regulator up and doing? What about the police MTTD officers who man our roads daily?
As a citizen and not a spectator, I think it's time some of us came out to make these frank talk else I foresee a situation where one day we shall wake up to hear of a terrible news about our school kids who through no fault of theirs have been Born in a country called Ghana. Ama Ghana is weeping because of our ineptitude. Let's wake up and see to the implementation of our laws. The woes of a kwatroit!

Anyway, parents stand carelessly as their wards are packed like canned sardines into theses cars with less care from tutors in these buses. So hat else can we do? but let us note that our silence in such cases can never be golden. Let's speak up to effect the desirable change we yearn to make Ghana a better place.

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