Broadcast journalist, Kwasi Kumi Boadu KKb (ObibiniiBlackMan) has drawn the first blood in the music arena. He entitles the track Gold Coast Echo.

The song produced by Gospel artiste and sound engineer Piko is full of literary devices (Allusion, Diction, Epigraph, Euphemism, Foreshadowing, Imagery, Metaphor/Simile, Personification) which requires critical attention for comprehension and interrogation.

How come a strictly Twi broadcaster notable for Akan poetry and tributes deliver an all English track?

"At times one has to stretch a bit beyond his comfort zone and step a bit above his perceived purview. I can't say this is the best that has ever hit the music circles, there's more room for better composition. I have had couple of commendations and constructive critiques, so we are working around the clock to beef up" the orator hinted.

Where from this inspiration?

"I have haboured this talent in me since childhood, My biggest challenges were making time for studio sessions and lack of support from people who believe in my dream. Thanks to my friend and producer Piko GH for believing in me. After a voice over work at his studio he gave me the beat to spit on it. More is ahead of us" the Host of Mpu Ne Mpu on Urban Qliq TV tooted his horn.

After Gold Coast echo, what's next?

"I intend to compile a nine track album which will include spoken words on pressing societal issues. I want to bring a paradigm shift in our musical composition. I look forward to collaborate with all top notch artiste here in Ghana, across Africa and beyond who share my vision of making the world a better place through music. All I need is to put up good content and people will appreciate my style of art in the showbiz scene" affectionately called, ObibiniiBlackMan hinted


Born Samuel Kumi, the 26 year Berekum College of Education graduate is a broadcaster with Sky Fm, a blogger, a poet, an MC, a voice over artiste, and a fashionista.

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