Lawyer Alfred Tua-Yeboah with the prize
The Brong Ahafo branch of the Ghana Bar Association has been honored for its immense contribution to  the successful  implementation of the Justice For All Programme, ten years after it's inception.

This was during the 10 years anniversary celebration and awards night of the Justice For All Programme (JFAP) in Accra last Friday.

The event was put together by the Judicial Service of Ghana in collaboration with the POS Foundation and DANIDA.

The Regional president of the association Lawyer Alfred Tuah-Yeboah, who received the prize on behalf of the association applauded his members for their relentless effort to ensuring the realisation of this dream.

"I will like to commend my gallant learned colleagues in my region for their unflinching support toward this intervention programme. Almost everyone among us since the inception of this programme has committed fully to help fast track the trial processes of remanded inmates who have genuine cases. This in a way or two has de-congested the prisons which is already overpopulated. Quite apart from this, most of us have reduced our mandatory charges for our services to help residents accessing legal aid" Lawyer Tuah-Yeboah hinted.

Touching on the need for the JFAP, the Kwatroit hinted there's less probono cases as well as an insufficient number of lawyers at the Legal  Aid department.

"In other parts of the world, the renewal of licenses is based on the number of probono cases a lawyer has done for the needy in the society, but here, it is somewhat irrelevant. This I believe is due to the payment of filing fees to the court irrespective of the nature of the case. More so, the Legal Aid has fewer lawyers since the remuneration is not enough for the lawyers there as compared to those in their private law firms" he justified

The lawyer could not fathom the huge gap between the accommodation facilities for justices as compared to that of other arms of the government

"The state of most of our courts are very bad, places of convenience,the structure and the surroundings. The accommodation facilities for our justices (the  front liners of the judicial system), is very appalling as compared to that of the ministers of state, the MMDCEs(Front liners of the executives) and the legislators. It then makes it discouraging for a private legal practitioner to accept an appointment to the court as a justice. Whichever way, it doesn't guarantee one to be corrupt by taking gifts to divert the course of justice" he lamented.

Expressing an opinion on the Concerned Law Students and the General Legal council banter over the size of enrollment and the enntry to the Ghana Law School, the legal luminary observed "we need to move away from using stringent process for admission into the Ghana School of Law, just because it is run with limited facility. We need more lawyers. For now many accredited institutions run (Literally Legum Baccalaureus) LLB, unlike in the 1960. One worrying situation is the phenomenon where the working class have trouped in to acquire the law certificate and fail to work with it after acquisition. I will therefore recommend admission is offered to the young applicants who will take the law as a profession. This will help us in getting people who will rise to take justices positions with rich experience"  

He again called on all lawyers to remain professional as possible since the profession is a calling to serve God and humanity. 

"We have bills to pay and a family to feed, yet with a bit of passion we save lives and put smiles on the faces of the weak. It relies on us to partner with other state institutions to let the public know their rights. This will even augment our efforts to safeguarding the constitution" He posited.

About 140 remanded inmates were freed only in in 2017 and 2018 from the Sunyani Central Prisons under the JFAP.  


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