Nana Afia Siraa Ababio III interacting with her community members

A child and women right advocate has eulogized the Queen mother of Kato traditional division for her immense contribution for her advocacy works.

Speaking to Kwasi Kumi Boadu on Sky Fm, Mrs Gloria Kankam hinted the right of the marginalised such as women and children can be best protected when traditional leaders such as Nana Afia siraa Ababio III take keen interest in such advocacy programmes.

"we can only realise the massive impact we are yearning for when our traditional authorities  develop interest in such advocacy activities. Kato Hemaa is a classical example. With her NGO, EoHOPE  Foundation she has been able to extend support to many women and children who were impoverished and subjected to all forms of discrimination and relegation. when traditional leaders speak their people listen. Early and forced marriages, Trokosi system,female genital mutilation, cruel widowhood rites and others can be curbed if our traditional authorities issue a caveat to bar it in their communities" Mrs Kankam revealed.

The board member of Africa Center for International Law and Accountability, again called on government to increase the budget allocation for the allocation Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection to enhance the ministry to carry out its activities.

"the activities of the ministry is enormous and it require a lot of capital to keep it running. From publicity, advocacy, rehabilitation to workshops, they need to be resourced well to give the necessary impact we dream of. However, the ministry also has to channel its funds to the right quarters and contract the right people to implement their policies without nepotism" she was speaking on the backdrop of this year's International Day of the Girl Child this year.

The theme for this year's celebration is  “With Her: A Skilled Girl Force”

Touching on the theme do the this year's celebration, she noted "h upbringing of the girl child and the right protection of her right is a shared responsibility hanging around all of our necks. When there's a sound environment for the grooming and nurturing the girl child, she grows to become self-reliant and economically empowered to supplement the contribution of men in the society. Many prominent across all spheres of life are evidential enough to spur us on" Mrs Kankam pleaded.

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