Bra Dea Foundation is set to lessen the burden of parents and put smiles on the faces of 5,000 pupils in the Brong Ahafo Region in the organization's next project dubbed One Student, One Maths set.

The project according to the Executive Director, Michael Marcus Paapa Edwards is geared towards harnessing the efforts of benefactors to purchase at least 5000 mathematical sets for pupils who are in the various Junior High Schools schools across the region.

"as part of efforts to sustain the interest of  pupils in school, we want to give out these maths sets to give them hope, there is a group of generoushearted people who believe in their dream.More so in this era of Technical and Vocational Education and Training, one cannot underestimate the role of Maths set in the field of study. 
Donation at Sunyani Central Prisons

With previous projects like, donations to the Sunyani central Prisons, Mmofra Yi (which provided stationary and provisions for the Nyamaa Special School), donaations to the Muslim community during the Rammadan, and distribution of pieces of African cloth and bed spreads to the aged at the Sunyani Zongo, Bra Dea is credible organization to support with your last dime.

Mmofra Yi at Nyamaa Special School

"as usual, our major stakeholders in most of our projects are kindhearted people who support us in cash and kind. Its always refreshing when these philanthropists reach out to us and we also touch the lives of the needy. I hope its always a blessing. Those who help us have told us the testimonies after supporting us. We have a Mobile Money number where people who are farther can reach us with their support" Papa Sunyani pleaded with the public.

Donations to Muslim Community during Rammadan

Bra Dea Foundation is the cooperate social responsibility arm of the Wolf Camp production house in Sunyani, with the sole aim of putting smiles on the faces of the weak in the society. Some of their charitable works include donations to Compassion is in love action orphanage at Yawhima, donations to Ayakomaso Primary school and support to a Disabled Family at Area 2 all in Sunyani.

Donation of cloth and bed spreads to the aged at Sunyani Zongo

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