Meet Obibinii BlackMan, the host of Mpu ne Mpu on Urban Qliq TV

Sky FM's Kwasi Kumi Boadu KKb is selected to host a new interactive online talkshow dubbed Mpu ne Mpu on Urban Qliq TV.

Online Television is the new medium through which most prolific and dynamic media practitioners have adopted to air their stories.

Kind courtesy Urban Qliq TV under the auspices of Nana Kwaku Asare,  KKb, Obibinii BlackMan is selected  to host the show and interrogate matters of public interest with the news makers behind these stories.

"Studying him from afar he's got wat really takes to probe matters and has an in depth knowledge due to his close to a decade experience in the media space. He's full of humour but very critical, however he assumes his throne with solid  content garnished with pleasing delivery. He's a gem to listen to." (Nana Kwaku Asare) Otumfuor  affectionately called justified his selection.

Touching on the scope of the show Otumfuor hinted...we will reach out to every nook and cranny of the country and fetch for intriguing stories. We will link up with authorities especially the clergy, politicians, athletes, musicians, actors/actoresses, the sick etc to tell us their start up, struggles, regrets and success stories.

Tributes for KABA, Ebony, and Ericose and his poem on corruption entitled Martin Amidu as well as raduo talkshows are evidential of his prowess in delivery.

The show will be aired on all Urban Qliq TV social media handles especially Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. All you need to do is to like and share the pages to support the program.

Reaching out to the talking bird to find out what he brings on board, these were his words  "There will be no dull moments on the show. I promise on my honour to be unique in perspective on every story. There are no boring stories but boring story tellers. Kindly lend me your time and I'll make it great" Obibinii BlackMan assured viewers.  kindly follow the link and like the page on Facebook.

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