Killing the game - Great Revelation on Caesarea Philippi by Obour & OK

The compositions of Robert Nesta Bob Marley and Tupac Amaru Shakur remain iconic and reflective not because of the unique rythimic pattern but the fulfilment of the hidden philosophical prophecies embedded in them.

From that same twilight is the glittering ever-revealing  "killing the game" a thought provokibg piece by Bice Osei Kuffour (Obour) and Kwame Nsiah-Apau (Okyeame Kwame) produced by his imperial fingers majesterial Richie of Lynx Entertainment as he melodiously spiced the brothel of lyrical desert.

The chorus by Richie proposed there's a hope for industry players to rewrite the blemishing anecdote of the Hip Life genre.

O.K steps in with his gloves and cotton to remove the scab that covers the wound to help proper dressing to heal it.

Bra Obour, attributes it to unnecessary beefs which were sparked by so-called pacesetters of the game who gullibly could not sideline individualist ego to collaboratively lift the genre higher and attractive in an alluring manner....OK quickly interrogates the iddleness of the local players who are resting on their asses with clutched arms waiting on foreigners to come and pave way to the light of liberation. The two couldn't fathom as to why each artist wanna get international recognition before they put in extreme efforts.

Right from hibernation they scare off the flies with hot water to sprinkle it hard on artistes, DJs, Producers and the distributors. Artists relax to compose whack songs as well as spending the few bucks they make at pubs without making preparation for new hits or future insurance. Producers and distributors who fail to promote the songs and albums were whisked to back up. Disk Jockeys who will prefer to mix song by song according to BPM, those who prefer foreign hip hop to Hip Life and those who demand Payola were ironically trimmed. Obour pathetically dropped his career 'cos the Ghanaians' taste for foreign songs was astronomically unimaginable... Jay Z (La La La) and Lil wayne (A Milli) were crystal examples.


The third stanza was the concoction which had the panacea...OK suggests politicians should include them in discussions and workshops which promote the local songs as a form of tourism rather than just calling on them during elections. Obour as well suggests an agreement should be signed between artistes and telecommunications to help them sell their songs via their media as they post their songs online. The embodiment in stage performance were admonished to rehearse to ensure they put up shows which are well coordinated to satisfy their patrons.


Various collaborations among the big names in the industry have produced countless hits upon hits which ravle shoulders with international stars and record labels. Artistes in Ghana have built strong home fan base which has then given them international regonition. No wonder we have two BET award winners, and other African award scheme winners. Now artistes are buying cars, building mansions and establishing businesses rather than unnecessary boiling.

Caller tones and various online portals have sprouted to save artistes from the hustle n tassle they had to go through in distributing their songs. We have tourism ambassadors from the music circle and the  GH¢ 2 million given MUSIGHA to support the music industry (Ask Obour about the whereabouts..not me), Ghana at 60 music concert, among others.

DJs can now dedicate time for strictly Ghana music to appreciate the artistic efforts of Ghanaian musicians (80% GH songs proposal is evident enough) while bloggers take time to write intriguing stories about them to make them relevant. Stage performances have seen sharp improvements as theres that comely collaboration between DJs choreographers and the musicians.

Probably Obour has left active Music LMAO!!!

There's  more to be done but we need to appreciate this song which is philosophically prophetic just like Apostle Peter proclaiming Jesus is the Messiah on Mount Caesarea Philippi.


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