The Berekum East constituency National Democratic Congress has expressed optimism to wean the long two dacade dominance of the New Patriotic Party on the parliamentary seat.

In an interview with the chairman, Oheneba Ansu Diabour attributed their loss in election 2000 which was the genesis of their drought to the perpetuation of the late J H Owusu Acheampong on the parliamentary seat and the long reign of the NDC in general.

"For our loss in 2000, the people of Berekum and the whole country were thirsty for change because the NDC had been in the system for so long" Ohdneba noted.

He however attributed their current losses to lack of coordination, internal bickering and lack of proper communication both within the party and in the media space.

Commenting on the way forward "Unlike in the past times, executives will want to obscure party strategies from potential leaders in the party, I'm spearheading an all inclusive regime where we are mobilizing every Tom Dick and Harry who matters and have potential to help us wean this drought. With unity of purpose, we are reaching out to the founding fathers of our party to magnetize their contributions. They might not necessarily need anything in cash or kind, all they need is recognition" he revealed.

The legal luminary described the current government's administration as abysmal attributing it to the lies they propounded during the 2016 electioneering campaign.

"NDC trailed off the typical African propagandist style of campaign by telling the electorates the true states of affairs while our brothers from the NPP promised electorates heaven on earth. From full Free SHS, to no borrowing, no taxes, one district one factory, one village one dam, one constituency one million dollars, no corruption scandal, bla bla bla, here we are in this unprecedented hardship. Now everything is crystal clear the NPP has lost track and we need to take over the bathon in 2020 to right the wrongs of this country" he cried out.

He however urged the newly elected regional executes under the chairmanship of Mr Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo to prioritize the reorganization process to heal all wounds in the region and weild the aptitudes of all to salvage the the party from the mess which occuref it the 2016 election.

He again empathised with the workers who are redundant from the seven defunct banks noting this is a sign of weak econic management.

"A government that toots its horns for job creation, and proper economic management should now its head in shame for this mess caused. It could have applied proper strategies to save the situation. In another breath some kind of conspiracy is hovering around this action by the government through the bank of Ghana" 

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