Mr Emmanuel Ameyaw

The managing director of Happy Home Roofing System has joined calls urging the government to stabilise the performance of the Cedi as against foreign currencies most especially the United States dollar.

The Cedi over few months has been depreciating unprecedentedly, trading above Four Ghana cedis against the dollar.

Mr. Emmanuel Ameyaw is therefore calling on government to do more in stabilizing the performance of the Cedi in order to reduce the operational cost of businesses.

"Most of the materials used for the manufacturing of our products are imported and the instability of the Cedi makes it very difficult for one to plan ahead. This is really affecting the capital at hand as well as the prices of our products. This goes a long way to affect patronage since we have to increase the cost of the goods and services" Mr Ameyaw noted.

He further urged the government to provide support for existing businesses.

"I support government's industrialization agenda but I feel, government would have achieved its aim easily if it considered supporting and partnering with already existing factories or businesses. We also suffer from high taxes and high interest rate on the loans we contract from banks, of which I believe government could have given us some tax holiday and reduced interest rate to help our fledgeling business to expand to affect the economy positively" he called for.

On the ever-brewing discomfort emitted onto the local businesses by foreigners, he pleaded with residents of the region to patronise goods and services of local businesses.

Mr Ameyaw receiving award as the 2016 Venus Allukin Co. Ltd 2016 discovery of the year.

"The influx of foreigners keeps on tormenting local businesses, we have to desert notion and passion for foreign goods and begin to patronise local goods and services to help grow the local economy. We are not descouraging foreign investors but all great economies around the world were fortified through the efforts of local enterprises" the young entrepreneur appealed.

Mr. Ameyaw also entreated the youth to venture into entrepreneurship upon graduation.

"As a young graduate I had to sacrifice a lot before I set up my business. I'm planning of expanding to set up a nail factory as well as metal trusses, this means I'm making positive strides to help solve the unemployment situation. In that same vain, we can all start up something with the knowledge we acquire from school, no matter how smaller the beginning is" the 2008 UCC aluminum urged young graduates on.

Production house

Happy Home Roofing System is a roofing sheet manufacturing and roofing company in Sunyani which specializes in the manufacturing of self lock and IBR long span roofong sheets.

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