After Anas Aremeyaw Anas's 2010 Orphans  Home of Hell exposè at Osu Children's home, couple of people manning such homes across the country have been conscious about how they manage money and items given them to support the less privileged ones.

Cudos to different benefactors all over who have sent a penny or a dime to support these homes. The time has arisen to reinvest our treasures to provide them with psychosocial affection.

In this delight Abubakar Fatao a sports journalist has partnered with Pitbull For Christ LLC to organise a football  gala competition for six homes.

Mum's Love Orphanage Home(Duayaw Nkwanta), World Of Friends Orphanage(Berekum), Frank May New life Orphanage (Techiman), The Kids Shelter Orphanage (Sunyani Abesim), Remar Orphanage Home (Sunyani Yawhima) and Hanukkah Orphanage Home (Sunyani Baakoniaba) will be assembled on 28th July at the Sunyani coronation park to exhibit their finesse and panache on the field.

Mr Fatao, the idea behind this initiative hinted the occasion is geared towards "bringing them together to socialize with one on other, unveiling their talents and providing some sort of entertainment by making them feel as part of the general society" he hinted.

The prolific sports journalisthomescated he's optimistic such an event will reinforce the general public to develop the habit of giving to the needy as it is a religious obligation.

"Their possible stunning performance will ignite people to develop the passion to give to near by children's homes and rehabilitation centers. We are hoping to use the occasion to raise funds to support them. Probably it will be an annual ritual to help as stain the passion to support the needy and marginalized" he expressed optimism.

Come Saturday, 28th July, we at KkbPortal will be there to bring you the exclusive shots and scenes from the event...stay tuned.

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