Some revered youth in Berekum poised for development who have come together to form Berekum Youth for Accountability and Development  have registered their displeasure at the slow pace of infrastructural development in the two contituencies.

At their maiden meeting , P Y Kyeremeh who is mobilizing the youth in the town and the country at large noted due to neglegence on the part of residents to put political leadership in checks, the glorious nick name Golden City given to Berekum is gradually eroding with infrastructural deficit.

"In the recent past Berekum was nick named Golden City due to the beautiful layout of the town and its surrounding villages coupled with working street lights and well behaving youth. There was some sort of discipline among the youth and accountability but not anymore. We can't blame it all on the political leaders because we have a part to play and that is checks and accountability from vibrant and responsible youth. This is the only way to help canvas the support of the adult in our quest for development for the town" he explained the idea behind the association.

                 Some of the members at the meeting

He however noted rigorous activities are on going to accord them the power to investigate and interrogate some of government's contracts which appear over bloated and those that are at a stand still.

"Some of government's contracts have to be reviewed both past and present to help us get real value for money. Most of these projects have also halted for no tangible explanation to the residents and we feel it is an insult to us,  because we entrusted to them our severignty hence we need feedbacks to put is at level grounds with the leadership."  Mr Kyeremeh added.

P Y Kyeremeh however cleared doubts and established certainty on the membership of the association and what it stands for...The Asassociation  does not have any political connotation because every youth with a sense o making duty bearers accountable is welcome and does not have any profiteering motive.

He again noted the association also has a goal of organizing leadership and business opportunity seminars for its members and the general public to equip them to appreciate the need to lead, question leadership, start a business , sustain a business and expand it.

"Knowledge is power, hence there will be seminars to help empower both the youth and general populace on issues of leadership and job creation. People who understand leadership and are gainfully employed do not fall prey to the antics of gullible leaders. That is the best way we can drum home our agenda. We are of the fervent hope this association will change the fortunes of the town both Berekum East and Berekum West" affectionately called Mourino posited.

In the diaspora Nana Yaw  Adusei of USA, Rexford Osei-Bonsu of UK among many senior indigenes across the globe are pillars and masterminds of this positive movement he hinted.

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