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Michael Elliot Kwbena Okyere Darko, Obrafour® Obrafoforo©...a pulse of civility and patriotism… when will we celebrate him???

The Kwame Nkrumah hit  maker has it all and long essays might  let me sound repetitive. So I want to leach my spotlight on his timeless patriotic song; Ntetee Pa..the headliner for an 11 track album released over a decade ago.

It’s a seven minutes thirty-four seconds master piece engineered by seasoned virtuoso Da Hammer(Last 2). The greatest of all time record which pierces through heaps of misconduct (Gross insubordination) from Hydrogen to Lawrencium in our society to hang it against the crucifix of morality and virtuousness.

With a meditative intro (chorus) which means had I known is always at last calling every Tom Dick and Harry to pay his quota to the development of the country, he touches on issues of indiscipline, corruption which was trumpeted by the late former Veep Alhaji Aliu Mahama.

The emperor of common sense and lyrical dexterity questioned the conscience of disHonourable members of parliament who either out of impunity absent themselves from Parliament or sleep during parliamentary procedings…Splashing the stains of blood of his victims on insensitive public sector workers who prefer lateness at work to a dinner with an angel (not Nimokafri and Ayimokafri's friend) as well as gullible officers who inflate the cost of contracts/filing ghost names to finagle the state (Elite Vampires).

After sipping a quarter of his calabash of intuition, the conceptualist returned with Fusil Automatique Leger – Light Automatic Rifle to release salvos onto unscrupulous quintuple profit securing business men and women (especially). He used Kalabule (Clever Bully) to describe their untoward action which tends to make government unpopular. Lazy bones Kwame Mensah was called to duty to slough the cloak of laxity and work hard because armed robbery puts people in a state of misery. Parents had their share of the massacre as they were puzzled over the usage of abusive words at home ‘cos charity begins at home.

As if the revolutionist foresaw the Anas' famous Number 12 expose...he touched on atrocities in sports reminiscing May 9th disaster at Ohene Gyan, illegal connection among utility service providers, irresponsible  pedophile adults and St. Shipitii(open dedicators) who have shamelessly paraded our scenic coasts with hills of turd…not letting off the hook wild fire perpetrators(palm wine tappers and fag boys)

He hibernates to soak his concoction of transformational glimmer…

He reappears in his revering palacial portico with his horse whip to shoo off the pesky gadfly which resides in these “Frakadam/Azaa” mercenary, venal and amoral Men of God, junk-headed  security personnel (Mr Adjei Koti) “I’m baffled as to why he used Koti though”, nonchalant drivers…from whose arms on steers! lives perish..blatantly,

He whets his double-edged sword to smite his colleagues in the music industry whose lyrical content provokes sexual immortality, drug abuse/addiction, violence (beefs, f*ck u, n*gga, sh*t and cyber fraud"Sakawa"  artistes) ‘cos music is the food of the soul else school children will imbibe it blatantly leading to HIV/AIDS contraction… cleaning the coagulated blood with the garments of those who suffered from the stray bullet which hit street litters.

Very galvanizing! he drops the microphone chanting  “Som wo ho nso ny3 akoa…Ghana b3y3 yie na 3firi me ne wo”

The argument in my turgid head then is, why has the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Commission for Civic Education, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Arts/Sanitation, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and The Office of The Special prosecutor failed to assign him an ambassadorial role and use his song as a sig-tune for the fight against sports hooliganism, unpatriotic attitude, open defecation at beaches, bribery among security personnel and corruption respectively.

The likes of Robert Bob Nesta Marley and 2pac Shakur are the custodians of true sense of Africanism…and they did it through their lyrical compositions.

My next expedition will ramble me through the nooks and cranies of changing the game by Obour and Okyeame Kwame stay tuned

By Obibinii BlackMan…a meditator.

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