Bismark Atta Boamponsem, the pulse of viral music tha emanates of om Brong Ahafo is set to release another banger which features Article Wan.

Mr Awesome the bordie oo hit maker has crafted into a piece the current Tom and Jerry  senerio of ladies in dire need of rich men and the instance where guys pretend to be rich to produce a track titled Daadaa no (toast her).

"Of late, ladies all over are in need of men who have amassed wealth before they date them, whereas broke boys are on the other hand mustering strategies to brag and lure them to bed by appearing rich. Theres time knocking on our door to tell our dear sisters to look for men with potentials rather than a who's already settled. Else unscrupulous guys will always toast them on empty pockets" the gem advised.

Mr Awesome hinted he is steaming a lot of collaborations and hits in the kitchen which his fans will relish.

"I have worked on many hit songs and have more collaboration but will like to release them timely to make the necessary impact in the musuc scene. As a professional teacher I'm most often occupied in the classroom but I'm optimistic I'll pair the two well so none among my patrons suffers" the Berkum College of Education graduate hinted.

He however noted he will embark on a radio tour in Brong Ahafo to premier his hit track.

"I have a strong hope that artistes from Brong Ahafo will take the Ghana Music Industry by storm. With the likes of K'Swagg, Cafi Doma, Imrana, Fali Finest, Dare Mame Beat and our likes we are a step ahead of our colleagues from other regions. All we need is a little push and acceptance ftom our leaders and people and we are good to go" Isalifstyle noted.

 https://youtu.be/4T8-Z_5DCjA this is the Link to the song.

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