Pencilmania... A Kitchen For Your Portrait

A stock, a quintessential Pierre-Yves Riveau “PEZ” of  France has emerged in Sunyani

Savour this portrait by Emmanuel Amankona CEO of Pencilmania as an icebreaker.

The 2014 University of Education  Wineba graduate who pursued Art Education has touched the reflexes of many people he has replicated their imagery with his striking lead and graphite.

Just as all giant manufacturing companies started in garages, the phenomenal crackerjack operates from his kitchen. 

"I draw from my kitchen, matrons are cooking sumptuous meal from the kitchen, I mould sight-relishing shadows of people" Emma noted.

Necessity is the master of invention indeed (ohia ma adwene ampa!). 
"I decided to use my talent which sandwiched between academic excellence and passion to draw for a living when all efforts to get employed failed after completion in 2014. My first job wasn't as perfect as what I produce of late. Consistency has really sharpened my edges in this field" Oboi Emma admitted 


Within 3 and 4 days Emma can complete your artwork and take between 300 and 600 depending on the preferred size.

With a portrait of Drobo Hemaa Nana Yaa Ansuaa, he has become a sensation in his homeland.

On digital drawing he believes "Technology is here and we can't do away with it. There are certain artworks that requires digital technology, such as 3D animation and some others. Despite all these, the latter cannot take the place of manual art. This is because it feels natural, organic and doesn't seem to be time bound."

"Whichever way, the Creative Art Ministry should support we the artists by patronizing our artwork and keep them at offices and tourist sites. A notion needs to be corrected.. artists are not the academically weak ones in the society. And we should encourage our children to polish their drawing skills" he dropped his pencil.

Pablo Picasso says ..“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

The Grand Ambidextrous

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