Madam Doris Gbongbo

The National Commission for Civic has revealed the accountability, rule of law and anti-corruption program (ARAP) is needed at this moment then ever.

Speaking on Sky FM, a Sunyani based radio station, the acting Regional NCCE boss Madam Doris Gbongbo noted the breakdown of our moral fiber and failure on the part of the society to enculturate our norms and patriotism in children have yielded the high incidence of corruption at high government offices.

"We have let go our customs and traditions that instilled discipline, nationalism and patriotism among young ones. Our society is now breeding academicians who lack love for country that's why men who are held in high esteem are always brought before the Public Accounts Committee slammed with various charges of financial malfeasance. It's really pathetic" she opined.

She however called on the populace to rise to thir feet and prioritize the advocacy of nationality and accountability among children in the home, school,worship centers and in the society by living life worthy of emulation.

"There can only be a paradigm shift if adults and persons in authority put up unquestionable behaviours and insist on accountabilty as well as recognition based on merit at the work place, schools, worship centers and in the society at large. Younger people grow to become replica of the adult who come across their dealings, hence they should be exposed to a system that empowers them to demand accountability from leadership and that's our only best bet for a better future"  Madam Gbongbo suggested.

Mr Eric Adu her deputy indicated Ghanaians have lost their sense of belongingness and custody of our country. We therefore ask more from the state than what we can offer the state.

Mr Eric Adu

"Many of us are quick to ask what benefits we will get from government when employed into the public sector without any intention of suggesting a strategy to making the nation a better place. This is why most of our youth and graduates prefer seeking greener pastures outside our shores without staying behind to develop their own with their intelligence and strength" he noted

The EU Ghana Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Accountability programme (ARAP) is a five year programme of EUR 20 million aimed at supporting the National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) of Ghana. The programme of the EU is aligned with NACAP objectives.

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