Bra Dea Foundation is vehemently buckling it's boots towards a grand donation event at the Nyamaa Special school in Sunyani.

The benevolence of the organization towards the Nyamaa Special School won the admiration of Verna Mineral Water branch in Sunyani on their Chocolate Day donation.

Michael Marcus Paapa Edwards, the Executive director of the organization has expressed profound gratitude to the lending hand lent them by the water company .

"The company had really made our efforts prolific. We are hoping that other companies and individuals will come to our aid and support the grand donation in July" Papa Sunyani expressed gratitude.

He however called on government and opinion leaders to take keen interest in the development and nurturing  of children born with autism and downs' syndrome.

"Such children in other parts of the world have been given the necessary attention and skill training to be equipped to undertake series of profitable activities. Ours are not different. With the requisite attention and supervision they can engage in various vocational and economic activities to ensure equity among their non-special colleagues.

He however noted it's disheartening to give birth to such a baby but parents should be proud of their children and expose them to the general public as well as the school system to help enculturate them into our society.

Papa Sunyani with pupils at Nyamaa Special School on Chocolate Day

"I feel sorry for parents with such kids but i will entreat them to expose the children to the public because children learn via observation and imitation. We hope this campaign will change people's mystical mindset about children with such disorders" he said.

Papa Sunyani is planning a radio tour create awareness about the upcoming event in July titled "Mofra Yi"

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