A security expert has bemoaned the inadequate interest various governments have expressed in the fight against the influx and invasion of Fulani herdsmen in parts of the country.

In an interview with Sunyani based radio Sky FM, Mr. David Agbee noted that as a country we are not addressing this situation with the seriousness it deserves. According to him, Fulani herdsmen caught in criminal acts should be treated as criminals and punished as such with iron fist.

"Past governments did not treat this Fulani deviance with the necessary attention hence it has gradually developed into a national security threat. Strategically, I will call on the security services to address it with all the required reinforcement to restore calm in the country" he noted.

 The Executive Director of Ghana Institute of Governance and Security added that international protocol does not allow citizens of other African countries to commit crime against their host nations.

 Mr. Agbee bemoaned the media's silence on security education on their airwaves unless there is an uprising.

 "The media has not prioritize security education on regular bases. They only talk about security when there is the emergence of security threats, this does not make the citizens security conscious. Likewise it relaxes our security apparatus. We (the security experts) need more publications to put both the security services and the citizens on their toes security wise" he urged the media.

Stories on criminal activities committed by Fulani herdsmen have dominated media space ranging from murder to rape. A joint military and police task force was despatched to the Agogo area in the Ashanti Region to embark on operation cowleg to send away fulani herds men and their cattle away. This was ignited after alleged fulani herds men shot four security personnel at the area.

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