Mr. S A Obour (far l,  Prof Ing Adinkra-Appiah(Mid) and Dr.  Korantwi-Barima (far right) 

 The Sunyani Technical University has held it's second matriculation to welcome two thousand, two hundred and twenty six students (2226) into its various programmes.

 Speaking at the matriculation ceremony, vice chancellor of the University, Professor (Ing) K. Adinkra-Appiah said the figure, of which One thousand three hundred and twenty are males and nine hundred and six being female is an improvement of the previous year enrollment which was one thousand and five hundred and thirty two (1532) representing 45% increase. Out of the total, 1,229 opted for science/tecnology programs representing 56%, while 997 opted for business/humanities representing 44%.

 In his speech, Prof. Adinkra- Appiah attributed the increase in enrollment to the 'new 2- year Top-Up B-Tech programmes that were introduced at the beginning of the academic year, adding that 'these came to give avenues for academic progression' to HND graduates.He further stated that the university had submitted some' new 4- Year B-Tech programmes to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and the National Council for Tertiary Education (NTCE)for accreditation.
Matriculants taking their oath 

 He also hinted that the university has signed an MoUs with University UMES Maryland, USA and Fuchoschule Dortmund, Germany for academic exchange programs. Also the STU has sought summer vacation employment package at the Ocean City in Maryland for its Tourism and Hospitality students which will begin in June 2018.

 Prof. Adinkra-Appiah concluded by appealing to government to aid the university deal with the challenge of compounding utility bills which often results in rampant disruption of electricity and water supply to the university by the two utility providers, Volta River Authority and the Ghana Water Company.

 "the worrying situation that is compounding our financial challenge is the non-payment of our utility bills. The universe owes Volta River Authority GH₵2.2 million and the Ghana Water Company GH₵ 1.5 million totalling GH₵3.7 million and so we will call on the government to come to our rescue because our Internally generated funds can't bail us out" Ing. Adinkra-Appiah revealed.

 However he also challenged the matriculants to study the university's rules and regulations to fully understand the rules and know what the university expects from them. He also urged them not to 'indulge in illicit drugs, stealing, alcoholism,sexual misconduct.

 Some of the dignitaries present were Dr. Justice Solomon Korantwi-Barima the pro vice chancellor, Mr. Samuel Ankamah Obour, registrar, Mr.Job Kwame Manu, Assist registrar deans and departmental heads of the university.

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