Some wheel barrow pushers sleeping in the open 

The executive director of Global media foundation has urged government to internalise laws that the country has ratified on streetism in order to deal with the menace of streetism.

Addressing the issue of streetism, Mr. Ahenu noted that government is also failing to come out with policies that will reduce the issue of streetism which has resulted mainly from rural urban migration.

He also charged individuals to come together to provide start up capital or vocational training to people on the streets to make their lives better.

"Government has to provide social interventions which will enroll both the head potters and wheel barrow pushers into vocational institutions to give them a vocational training and skills to help bridging the gap of unemployment in the country. Private individuals and Civil Society Organizations should also set funds to support the empoverished ones" Mr. Ahenu charged.

Mr. Raphael Godlove Ahenu 

His call comes in on the backdrop of a Sky FM special report on the state of living conditions of head potters and wheel barrow pushers in the Sunyani municipality. One of the wheel barrow pushers, Illiasu Abdulai narrated their ordeal of societal maltreatment and poor condition of shelter despite paying tax to the government.

"We don't have a serene place to lay our heads after a hard day's work. We become prey to mosquitoes in the open or we have to pile up in 5s and 6s in small kiosks to pass the night while we pay tax to the government. We will be glad if the government
builds a hostel and rent it out to us" worried Abdulai suggested.

Rural Urban migration in the Brong Ahafo Regional's capital is on the faster pace as many travel far and near to the city to seek employment.  Most of our people apart from white-collar workersfrom the North engage in sale of coconut, wheel barrow pushing, the use tricycle trucks, waiting services and pounding of Fufu, casual farming works and sales of pestle. The four tertiary institutions Sunyani Technical University, University of Energy and Natural Resources, Catholic University College of Ghana and Sunyani Midwifery and Nursing Training College with various private and public second cycle institutions coupled with government offices make Sunyani a cosmopolitan city.

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