Parents whose wards are at Yawhima African faith basic school and the pupils themselves are calling on government to come to their aid and provide them with infrastructure such as school buildings.

 KkbPortal can report that the school which is the Sunyani municipal  is operating in very delapedated and deplorable structures which appears to be a death trap. Apart from a one-storey which has 6 classrooms, teaching and learning mostly take place under trees.

They have been receiving undesirable rampant visit by reptiles such as snakes and wall geckos during classes hours as the pupils sit under trees for classes

Some of the poor pupils narrated their ordeal to KkbPortal

"We are left under the cruelty of sunshine, insects and reptiles under this mango tree. We have to burn car tyres to scare away these predators. A malodorous scent from  near by Poultry too is giving us breathing complications. We are really suffering" a disgruntled pupil cried out.

Opanin kwame a parent pleaded with government to also come to the aid of the school because  the lives of their children appears to be on the gamble decks of death and life with the frequent visits of reptiles and erosion.

"We are in great fear when our children leave for school. Erosion and reptile attacks are very dangerous and so we will plead with government and philanthropists to come to our aid and renovate the dilapidated structures and build a new one to curb this worrying development" a worried parent noted.

The school does not also have recreational facilities and props hence the children use a tarted bed net to hoist their volley ball posts.

The headmaster of the school Mr. Emmanuel Aniaba told KkbPortal that numerous call on the assembly to come to their aid is welcomed with "it's in the pipeline" response.

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