Reverend Jefferson Kwasi Agbotro, Executive Director of Friends of Health Association has expressed worry over the poor health care delivery in the country.

He explained on the Big Breakfast Show that, to get a good health care delivery system all stakeholders, particularly, the communities in which hospitals and CHPS compounds are located should work hand in hand with the Ghana health service and health professionals to promote good health care.

"Government officials need to involve the residents in the citing, building and management and monitoring of health facilities in their locality to check the efficiency of the facilities and their staff" Rev. Agbotro noted.

Reverend Agbotro also indicated that the authorities of health institutions should be oriented on  how to place health professionals at their facilities

"Though we have limited health professionals-patients ratio, some health facility authorities lack the skill of placement, hence they need orientation to know how to place each health professional at the appropriate department in their facilities" he opined.

FOHA is a health based Nongovernmental Organization based in Sunyani with the prime objective to promote quality health care delivery in the region and across the country at large.

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