Brong Ahafo representative of the Energy Commission, Mr. Kwaako Gymah has noted that the commission is working hard to secure a legislation that regulates the importation of electrical cables into the country.

Mr. Gyimah was speaking on the sidelines of a story that broke yesterday that fake cables have inundated the market with over 70% imported brands being substandard.

In an interview with Kkbportal , Mr Gyimah attributed this situation to lack of regulation in the market.

"The absence of legislation in importation of electrical cables has led to the influx of these substandard cables. We calling on government to enact a Legislative Instrument to guide it's importation to curb this menace" Mr. Gyimah said.

He revealed that an electrical cable that is attracted to a magnet is substandard and therefore should not be used for wiring noting that it is not copper solely.

He added that the commission is training electricians to equip them to detect fake and substandard electrical cables.

"The energy commission has already embarked on  a training exercise for electricians to empower them to take the Energy Commission certification exams that will enable them to obtain the license to embark on all electrification projects" he noted.

To enforce this, Mr. Gyimah revealed that the Commission has tied the exercise to service connections. In this regard, if a facility is not wired by a Certified Electrical Wiring Professional (CEWP), who will eventually, issue an Installation Completion Certificate, the facility will not be connected to the national grid by the Electricity Company of Ghana.

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