Head of the Earth Observation Research and Innovation Centre of the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Dr. Amos Kabo-bah has said African leaders and Africans in general do not believe and have confidence in the skills and expertise of African technology innovators.

In an interview on the Sky Big Breakfast Show, Dr. Kabo-bah observed that although there is enough knowledge and skills in Africa, we do not believe in ourselves resulting to human capital flight and this is affecting the continent adversely.

"Our African leaders and people do not have trust in the technological innovators  from Africa hence most of our inventions have been left unproductive"

He made this comment while discussing a fire detection system known as Advanced Fire Information System that the center has developed.

According to Dr. Kabo- bah, the fire detection system which uses satellite data to detect, report and predict fire, covers the whole of West Africa, from Senegal to Cameroon.

He enumerated some of the challenges the system is orchestrated with

"Erratic power outages, lack of installation sensors (special cameras) across the country and cost of maintenance are some of the challenges facing the project"

The system is one of a kind in the whole of West African Sub-region with one in South Africa making it two in the whole of Africa.

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