The acclaimed originator of Hiplife music in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone has commended media houses and practitioners for their immense contribution in the development of Ghanaian music in recent times. He said this in an interview with Sunyani based urban radio station Sky Fm on their entertainment show dubbed Loud in Gh. In assessing the impact of the media on music as the world celebrated World Press Freedom Day, Reginald Yaw Osei Asante, the member of the evergreen music trio VVIP, believes that the emergence of the online portals and the social media has fast tracked the dissemination of information about artistes and their songs.

Recounting on the metamorphosis in the relationship between artistes and DJs/presenters, the Plan b3n” hit maker said the predominance of Payola (monies DJs/presenters takes from artistes before playing their songs) in the 90s killed many talents who could not afford this to push their brand. The ardent anti-payola campaigner quickly noted that Disc Jockeys who took delight in taking payola have faded with their counterpart untalented artistes who gave it out.

The Grand Papa called on media houses to be factual in their publications about local artistes as well as patronize their songs in their playlists to garnish it and arouse peoples appetite for Ghanaian music. He suggested that artistes should challenge false allegations against them with facts and figures rather than resorting to the use of abusive language. This he says will sustain the desirable relationship between artistes and media houses.

The 53 year old Kora award winner observed that their latest hit, Wala 2 walasa is just a tip of the iceberg of the goodies they intend to release this year and beyond.

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