Mr. Felix Sarfo the Regional Narcotics Control Board Director has described the move by the government to legalize the cultivation, use and trade of marijuana in the country as very inexpedient. In commemoration of Bob Marley Day, Mr. Sarfo said some of the residents indulge themselves in smoking due to the arable land in the Region that supports the cultivation of the weed.

Bob Marley Day is celebrated on 11th May every year in memory of the reggae music legend Robert Bob Nesta Marley who was born on 6th February 1945 at Nine Mile, St. Ann Parish Jamaica and died on 11th May 1981 at Miami, Florida in USA with 15 albums to his credit.

He debunked the ancient idea that only irresponsible grown-ups smoke, saying both the youth and some responsible adults are chain smokers of the substance.

He described the suggestion to legalize the substance by previous parliament is  irrelevant at this time  because funds needed for sensitization on the alarming rate the substance's abuse among the youth is not even available. Wee produced in Ghana contains about 40 CFC which is more powerful than the ones produced in USA and Europe. He says this is the main cause of the indiscriminate madness among Ghanaian abusers.

 He expressed worry about the latest drug students have been abusing, Tramadol. He hinted that, this emerging abusive substance poses more life threat than the all known marijuana.Tramadol is a narcotic-like pain reliever. It is in three forms,Ultram (immediate-release tablet), Ultram ER (extended-release tablet), or Conzip (extended-release capsule). It is used to treat moderate to severe pain.

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