The associate executive director of Miami Clothing and Business  Agency has called on the youth in the country to be innovative enough and venture into lucrative business that will add up to their usual income.

Mr.  Opoku Francis who is affectionately called Opti Ross by business partners,  family and friends believes that, the youth's dependency on just one-way income has led to harsh economic conditions they find themselves. The Event Management graduate from the University of Education-Winneba, entreated persons who have started business to be economically conscious on their expenditure but reinvest their profit back into their business amidst other equally important expenses, he added.

"Fresh entrepreneurs should desist from ostentatious spending such as clubbing, indiscriminate intake of alcohol and illicit drugs and immoral sexual life to manage thier purse with discipline" he said.

The prolific entrepreneur who runs the coglomurate that deals in real estate development, sales of apparels,  job placement, event management etc noted that, the government needs to be considerate in terms with taxation and utility charges with fledgling youth enterprises to help sustain them.  He also called on financial institutions to lower their interest rates and processes of acquisition of loans to help young entrepreneurs to expand their business ventures.  Opti Ross also suggested friend family can partner to mobilize start-up capital for business just as he has done with his colleague Mr. Samuel Effah Kyereh.  He quickly observed that transparency and clear cut partnership agreement is needed to avoid any future rift.
The fashionista took the opportunity to admonish the youth to dress decently and appropriately to gain the needed recognition at every occasion because you are what you wear.

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  1. It is so amazing and very appropriate to have verified to the need of being so conscious about the youth and the entire country and on a specific subject like this.
    It is so shameful to see our youth going through hardship and so much suffering all because of high rate of unemployment in the country whiles we the individuals can start doing something very beneficial to ourselves and to the country at large.We can do individual personal works,or we can do a partnership or joint businesses which can help us than clubbing,alcoholism and doing all kinds of unnecessary things with the little that comes into our hands.
    Youths,let's start something and that something of kind of business will help prepare a better future.

    I'm Emmanuel Sasu Kingston,also known to people as c.gee or you can call me Oyibo but only if u are a worker at tudu

    #God with us