Mr. Abdul Ganiwu, the head of the regional blood bank at the Brong Ahafo Regional hospital has called on Ghanaians to willingly donate blood at any point in time, to save lives since the need for blood by patients is one of the critical aspects in health delivery.
About a hundred donors participated in the Sky Fm Blood donation exercise to donate blood to support the Regional Blood bank to save it from bankruptcy.
In an interview with Mr. Ganiwu, he said the end of the exercise does not halt the need to donate blood to stuff the facility, saying their outfit is opened to all and sundry for 24 hours each day.
He also confuted the assertion that patients buy blood from health facilities, saying blood is neither for free nor for sale. People have to pay a fee which is used to organize blood donation exercise to replenish the blood that is used.
Mr. Ganiwu added that you are eligible to donate blood if you are in good health, weigh at least 110 pounds and are 17 years or older. You are not eligible to donate blood if you have ever used self-injected drugs (non-prescription), had hepatitis and are in a high-risk group for HIV/AIDS.

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