Mr.  Bernard Kuug, a lecturer at the Berekum College of Education is calling on government to ensure strict supervision at state institutitions to eradicate all kinds of indiscipline among civil servants.

The lecturer at the Social Science department of the College is observing that, the relaxed supervisory system in the country has resulted to inefficiency at public sector despite resources and empowered qualified personnel at these offices.

He added that mild and irregular audit system at public institutions has condoned the perennial indiscriminate embezzlement of state funds at various sectors of the country. "Those who want to report culprits of funds mismanagement, and insist on the right cost of goods and services at public offices are tagged as traitors and mischievous, leaving them no option than to join and wallow in the pool of swindling the state funds with high rocketed prices of goods and services" he noted.

Mr. Kuug as an educationist also expressed concern about the inability of the school curriculum to insist strictly on instilling civil educational values in the students. He said though there are traits of civil education in the curriculum but it needs to be intensified to transform students to be law abiding, patriotic and selfless towards national development rather than just for examinational purposes. He therefore pleaded with policy makers to consider civic education as a need to shape the attitude of future generations to become responsible and civilized citizens.

He called on parents to desist from involving their children in all form of deceitful and fraudulent deals. He noted that such acts affect the children negatively as they grow to assume leadership positions in the future quoting, charity begins at home.

He made this call in an interview with a Sunyani based private radio station Sky Fm He was reacting to the trend of people who are culpable of mismanaging state funds as they appear before the Public Accounts Committee.

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